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A2 Beyond Formula: Ireland’s Grass to Milk opens up a live streaming route to promote high quality grass forage products in China

Irish dairy newcomer Grass to Milk will use a mix of social commerce and traditional e-commerce to market its new grass-fed A2 protein dairy products to capture the lucrative Chinese market.

The company says it will apply a mix of live streaming, reviews and content across various social e-commerce platforms and traditional e-commerce for its two products, an all age UHT milk and a children’s milk.

Dr. Paul O’Brien, Commercial Director at Grass to Milk Company, told NutraIngredients-Asia, “We are a small brand and a new entrant so we want to localize our strategy.

WATCH: PharmaLinea explains the importance of medical retail for award-winning iron supplements for children in APAC

NutraIngredients-Asia Awards 2021 winner, PharmaLinea, set out the importance of medical retail in Asia Pacific to the growth of its nutritional supplement business, including its award-winning children’s iron syrup supplement.

The Slovenian private label company won the Editors Award for Infant and Child Nutrition Initiative with the formulation> Your

The formulation, which aims to address iron deficiency in children and help them avoid anemia, was recognized by judges for meeting an unmet consumer need and for presenting strong scientific evidence.

Vegan Omega: Free Spirit Group expands seaweed oil supplement line to infants and children

The Australian Free Spirit Group has expanded its megaOmega brand algae oil supplement to include a product for infants and toddlers that contains 250 mg DHA and 2.5 mg EPA per serving (0.5 ml).

Omega-3 fatty acids like DHA and EPA are key to brain and eye development in children. Although DHA is widely regarded as the master omega, the body can easily convert DHA to EPA and other omega-3 forms.

According to Dave Dane, Managing Director of the Free Spirit Group, algae oil is an alternative to the common omega-3 sources such as fish or krill oil.

Take What You Need: Parents in China, Level 1, Two Cities Looking for Single or Duo Diet Supplements – Nature’s Way

Parents in Chinese tier one and tier two cities have been looking for specific nutraceuticals that contain just a nutrient or two to get their kids what they need rather than relying on a generic multivitamin product, claims Nature’s Way.

Parents from these developed cities are ready to do their own research and better understand each of the nutrients, the brand says.

In contrast, parents from cities in the third tier and beyond are most likely to buy multivitamins and the usual “hero” products like vitamin C and DHA.

Finding the “magic”: Danone tests baby food with a novel lipid structure on the long-term growth of babies

Danone has researched how the consumption of infant formula with a novel lipid structure could affect the long-term growth of babies, especially their metabolic health.

Conducted in Singapore, the RCT measures the effects of the formula on the babies annually until they are five years old. For example, their weight gain, BMI-for-age Z-score, immunological, microbial and cognitive results are measured.

The infant formula of interest contains milk droplets with a novel lipid structure and is not yet commercially available.

Infant probiotics: Bioflag Biotech’s newly approved MP108 to be launched in Aunulife’s finished products in China

Taiwan-based Bioflag Biotech’s proprietary probiotic strain Lactobacillus rhamnosus MP108 was introduced in an infant product in China in August, after the strain was approved for use in infant or infant formula in April.

The finished product was launched by Aunulife in August as part of its probiotic “Small Boxes” range, Bioflag Biotech said. Aunulife is an Australian probiotic brand that was acquired by the Chinese company Ausnutria. Ausnutria is also one of Bioflag’s shareholders.

Lactobacillus rhamnosus MP108 was approved by China’s National Health Commission (NHC) in April as a new raw material for use in powdered pouches for babies and toddlers.

Gumming for the krill: NutraCeutical Ingredients takes a foray into nutritional supplementation for children with a product for brain health

Singapore-based NutraCeutical Ingredients (NCI), maker of the Recogen and Bone K + brands of joint and bone supplements, has launched a new brand dedicated to children’s cognitive health.

The dietary supplement marketed as BrainFit is a sugar-free gummy bear that supports memory and concentration.

This marked NCI’s first foray into nutritional supplements for children, with most of its products targeting seniors for mobility improvement or those with bone and joint problems.


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