Kendamil launches “Ready to Feed” baby milk – the only one in the UK that does not contain palm oil or fish oil – Retail Times


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The fast growing British baby milk brand Kendamil is launching a “Ready to Feed” baby milk – the first (and only) in the UK without palm oil or fish oil, following parental demand.

From Tuesday, October 12th, this unique “Ready to Feed” baby milk will be available on the Kendamil website ( A batch of 24 costs £ 23.95 which is less than £ 1 per bottle. The shelf life of the product is 12 months, outperforming other brands that only offer nine months.

This unique recipe is gentler on babies and the planet. Kendamil’s “Ready to Feed” formula consists of natural cow’s milk mixed with healthy essential acids. It is crucial that it is rich in algae oil – a pure marine algae substitute for fish oil. This sets Kendamil apart from other leading formula brands that prefer fish oil because of its low cost – despite being an allergen. In contrast, algae oil contains omega-3 essential fatty acids like DHA, so kids can enjoy its brain, heart, and visual development benefits.

Better still, algae oil is accessible and sustainable. By penetrating directly to the source of omega-3, kendamil supports the recovery of marine ecosystems and fish populations. There is also no trace of palm oil in “Ready to Drink” baby milk, as studies suggest that it can impair the absorption of vital fats and minerals in children. Its production also devastates rainforests.

CEO and founder of Kendamil, Ross McMahon, commented: “Parents associate Kendamil with quality and sustainability and have therefore long asked us to develop a ‘Ready to Feed’ offer. We are proud to meet this need with a UK premiere – a “Ready to Feed” baby milk that, unlike other leading formula brands, is uniquely free from fish oil and palm oil. Because we do not compromise on our formulations or endanger the environment in order to save costs.

“We support the country’s mothers and fathers every step of the way on their educational journey. As parents, we know that a child’s early years are precious, so our ‘Ready to Feed’ milk gives you time back to care for the next generation. “


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