Omega-3 supplements are worth their weight in gold – download it


With fish oils being the most popular dietary supplement in the world, the importance of omega-3 fatty acids for brain, eye, immune system and more health is clearly a priority for many people. But even athletes – or simply people with an active lifestyle – could see numerous benefits of omega-3 supplements, such as a lower risk of heart disease and even a reduction in muscle soreness, according to recent clinical studies.

GC Riber VivoMega, a Norwegian manufacturer of marine omega-3 concentrates, has become one of the leading manufacturers of high quality and effective omega-3 supplements. It has some of the lowest limits for environmental toxins in the world thanks to its thin film technology and is committed to the sustainable sourcing of these fish oils and is certified by both Friend of the Sea and MarinTrust, two leading organizations for sustainable fisheries management.

Read this manufacturer download from GC Riber VivoMega to learn more about the possibilities of fish oil supplements in the sports nutrition market and how VivoMega is an ideal partner for brands looking to support those looking for better health in an active lifestyle.

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