Can we eliminate fish oil in aquafeeds? Join the leading algae and seed oil producers during the upcoming F3 webinar


In this session, major algae and seed oil manufacturers will discuss the latest research and production techniques that enable algae and terrestrial plants to provide the desirable omega-3 fatty acid profiles that rival traditional fish oils.

The webinar will be hosted by Dr. Kevin Fitzsimmons, Chair of the F3 Challenge and Professor and Director of International Programs at the University of Arizona, moderated.

Aquaculture needs new, more sustainable sources of omega-3 rich DHA and EPA to meet global seafood demand. Macro and microalgae strains as well as genetically modified plants such as rapeseed and camelina are quickly establishing themselves as more readily available and safe omega-3 supply chains for the fish feed and human nutrition industry.


  • Pablo Berner, Head of Aquaculture, Nuseed
  • Dr. David Hazlebeck, CEO, Global Algae Innovations
  • Dr. Karim Kurmaly, CEO, Veramaris
  • Ruud Peerbooms, President of Algae Ingredients, Corbion

additional Information

The F3 team recently launched the F3 Challenge – Carnivore Edition, which aims to accelerate the development and adoption of fish meal and fish oil substitutes in animal feed and earn $ 100,000 in each of three categories – salmonids, shrimp, and other carnivorous species. to the candidates who produce and sell the “fish-free feed”.

Participants who have submitted a qualifying feed sample can register the sale of “fish-free” feed for the price from October 1, 2020. Six participants are currently registered for the competition.

Click here to sign up for algae and seed oils in Aquafeeds, which will be held on May 20th at 5am GMT.

Register for the webinar here


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