Coromega Omega-3 Fish Oil Supplement for Pets | New Products


Puppy packages from Coromega are the first emulsified fish oil for dogs to offer several benefits not available in omega-3 fish oil bottles and pet chews:

  1. Better absorption – The emulsified formula has clinically proven better absorption properties, making it easier for pets to digest.
  2. Easier to use – Unlike liquid oils, the formulas are more like a gel, which makes it easier to serve straight or in a dog bowl without the mess.
  3. Stronger dose – The packets provide a stronger dose of omega-3 fatty acids at 650 milligrams, which is more than thirty times higher than typical omega-3 chews.

Coromega worked with the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC) to ensure the highest nutritional standards. Pup Packets are available in two versions, each with 650 milligrams of omega-3 fatty acids with EPA & DHA, certified sustainably by Friends of the Sea and sugar-free and gluten-free:

  • State pup packages: To support the skin and the immune system with vitamin E.
  • Mobility Pup Packages: To support joint and muscle mobility.

“People are usually not aware that pets like dogs have similar needs for healthy omega-3 fats,” said Dr. Doug Bibus PhD, Coromega clinical nutritionist. “These needs are often not met in the pet food industry today and are made even worse by dependence on omega-6-rich grains, leading to an omega imbalance. EPA and DHA fatty acids are critical to your health and wellbeing Coromega Pup Packets are an incredibly innovative way to deliver the critical omega-3s that your dog’s heart, eyes, brain, joints, and immune system depend on for peak performance. ”


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