Devenish and Mara launch Humanativ to increase omega-3 intake in the world’s population


The joint venture, which will commercialize OmegaPro, Devenish’s seaweed animal feed supplement used to fortify meat and eggs to enrich consumer nutrition with omega-3, builds on a longstanding partnership between the two companies.

When asked why Devenish is working with the Canadian company, a spokesperson told us:

“This partnership suits both Mara and Devenish, who are invention, research and development-driven, and both equally passionate about making a positive impact on human health and the environment.

“Mara has patented technologies to manufacture the product and Devenish has extensive experience in animal nutrition and fortification, enhanced by human health studies that will enable Humanativ and its customers to post health claims on the package.”

Targeted buyers are animal protein manufacturers looking to add value and differentiate their brands in the marketplace with scientifically proven health benefits for consumers.

“Only 20% of the world’s population eat enough omega-3 DHA. Our long-term goal is to increase this value from year to year by enriching frequently eaten meat worldwide with omega-3 DHA, ”said the spokesman.

Trial to determine the health benefits of omega-3 fortified eggs and chicken

A clinical study conducted by the Royal College of Surgeons Ireland (RCSI) on behalf of Devenish demonstrated the health benefits of regularly consuming chicken and eggs naturally fortified with omega-3 PUFAs from algae.

The study carried out in. has been published Scientific reports, Says that participants’ omega-3 levels increased from consuming naturally fortified chicken and eggs, and that blood pressure was also decreased.

In the study, 161 adults were randomly assigned to eat at least three servings of chicken and eggs per week, either standard or naturally fortified with Devenish’s omega-3 product. The results showed that the people who consumed the fortified meat and eggs saw a drop in blood pressure.

When asked if the alliance will attempt to fortify other animal protein products from beef to pork and milk with OmegaPro, Devenish says it has considerable experience with multiple species in fortifying animal foods. “Through Humanativ we will continue our focus on innovation and research in order to further develop and improve our product range in the future.”

Feed intake

OmegaPro intake levels depend on the animal’s age, weight, and production system, according to the company.

“Due to the high DHA content in algae oil, the intake rate in food is much lower than with other omega-3 sources. This offers a number of commercial advantages in the enrichment process, ”added the spokesman.

The source of the oil is a GMO-free microalgae that is produced in an environmentally friendly, patent-protected process, he confirmed.

Fortified food sources as an alternative to dietary supplements

Dr. Heather Hayes, Devenish’s Poultry Products Manager, previously told us, “We see that the more omega-3 fortified food sources you have, the higher the bioavailability than if you were just taking a single dose [omega-3 fatty acids] through an addition. “

Although omega-3s from salmon are in a highly bioavailable form, she discovered at the time that many people tend not to eat as much salmon and other oily fish: “But we are not trying to compete with salmon; Instead, we want to offer complementary alternatives to people who don’t like fish, and this is especially true for children. “

Traditionally, fish oils have been used to provide EPA and DHA in the diet, but Hayes said, “I think that may change too. I think the big problem with fish oils is that they are very variable and unfortunately a lot of fish oils are heavily oxidized. While algae from our point of view and with regard to their use as raw material know that they are very stable, we know that they are produced sustainably and are protected from oxidation. “


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