Europe’s first full food producer launches full product portfolio in the USA


Mana is a collection of alternative foods produced by the European research and production startup Heaven Labs since 2014. In Europe, Mana products are synonymous with quick, healthy plant-based foods and are available both online and in over 1,500 supermarkets and outlets. The company entered the American market in December 2019 and has already sold a quarter of a million meals. The company expects its newest line of beverages and powders, launched in April 2021, to cement its position in the United States as a manufacturer of full-nutrition meal replacement products.

Manas drinks and powders provide ideal proportions of all proteins, fats, carbohydrates, fiber as well as vitamins and minerals that the body needs for life. Made from high-quality herbal ingredients that the company tests in state-certified laboratories, they’re made at the company’s headquarters using patented technology.

“We were the first manufacturer of whole food powders in the European Union, which is why we have had a stable customer base there for years. However, entering the U.S. market in 2019 was a big question mark.
Even so, Americans showed so much interest in our products that we sold a year worth of stocks in just over 6 months. In the past, only our best-selling Origin powder was available in the US. Now we feel honored to be able to offer our entire beverage and powder portfolio, ”says Mana founder and CEO Jakub Krejcik.

Latest Mark 6 Recipe: 42 essential micronutrients, balanced macronutrient ratio

All of the drinks and powders in Mana’s new line are made to the latest recipe, Mark 6, which provides 42 essential nutrients that your body cannot produce on its own. These are: 14 vitamins and 17 minerals, 9 essential amino acids and omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids. Mark 6 also contains high quality vegetable protein from 6 different sources: isolated soy protein, isolated pea protein, oat protein, hemp protein, rice protein, and algae protein. Together, these proteins provide all of the essential amino acids in balanced proportions.

The fat comes mainly from a mixture of 6 healthy vegetable oils: rapeseed oil, algae oil (rich in DHA and EPA omega-3 fatty acids), coconut oil, sunflower oil, flaxseed oil and oat oil as well as phospholipids from soy lecithin. This mixture contains important fat-soluble vitamins and valuable phytonutrients such as vitamin E, phytosterols and lutein.

The fiber in each serving of powder consists of hemp, peas, soy, seaweed, carrots, oat beta-glucans, inulin from chicory and acacia gum. The list is the same for the drink, only it contains cellulose instead of acacia gum.

ManaPowder Vs. ManaDrink

Heaven Labs, Inc.

90 State Street, Ste 700 Office 40, Albany, NY 12207

ManaPowder is a functional food powder that mixes with water to create a balanced 400-calorie meal in seconds. This is 20% of the average daily nutritional requirement for adults. It is sold in 35 meal boxes that contain 7 resealable bags that are needed
No refrigeration and can stay fresh for at least a month after opening. It is also sold in bulk,
Family packages of 140 meals that offer the most sustainable packaging and a lower price per meal.
For easy portioning of the powder, Heaven Labs sells a starter kit that consists of an original
Mana Nalgene bottle and a stainless steel measuring scoop.

ManaDrink is brand new to the American market and offers the convenience of powder
New level. Per calorie, it has almost the same nutritional profile as its powder counterpart. It is sold
in boxes of 12 11 ounce premixed bottles of 330 calories each. It’s lightweight, and compact too
does not require cooling, so it can literally be taken anywhere. The drink makes up almost half
Sales in Europe and the company expect the same to apply to the US.

The powder and drink are now available in two flavors: neutral, origin, and oatmeal
chocolaty choco. The latter is new to the US and gets its taste from premium cocoa powder.
With the company’s new Taster Pack, customers can test all four products.

Already $ 1.61 per meal
Customers have the option to make single purchases or sign up to receive Mana
automatically at regular intervals at a reduced price. Prices for standard 35-meal boxes of
ManaPowder ranges from $ 1.77 to $ 2.03 per meal, while prices range from 12-meal boxes of ManaDrink
range from $ 3.15 to $ 3.75 per meal. However, the most economical option is the 140 meal
Family package; A subscription brings the price of the company’s flagship, Origin Powder,
up to $ 1.61 per meal. If the average homemade meal is $ 4, then this is the option
Saves customers $ 335 in grocery bills. Krejcik continues: “Mana is more than just a food. It is a guide to the future of food, a culmination of cutting edge technology and research that enables people to eat healthier for less money. ”

From Europe to the USA
The startup has two locations in Europe: its headquarters in Prague, Czech Republic, and one
Branch in Hanover, Germany, opened in 2018. After the success in the European market, Heaven
Labs, Inc. opened a headquarters in New York in 2019.
It will continue to manufacture its products in Europe for the time being while it has multiple partners
Warehouses in the USA take care of sales. “In the future we plan to localize the entire production
Procedures to reduce as much as possible the carbon emissions caused by transport,
and less packaging material, ”says the Mana CEO.

Heaven Labs, Inc.

90 State Street, Ste 700 Office 40, Albany, NY 12207

It is precisely for this reason that the company has invested millions of dollars in new product development
Production technologies. A new production line with a patent was introduced in 2018
Technology that now spends 50% less paper and 20% less plastic on packaging.

Environmentally friendly food

Because agriculture today may not be able to cope with the growing world population in the near future
In a few decades, Mana strives to make foods that promote sustainability. Therefore everyone
Mana products are purely herbal and why is the composition of all mana products based on them?
hard data. Each ingredient is thoroughly tested in company laboratories and in other certified laboratories
global institutions that only ensure the selection of high nutritional ingredients
Content related to their ecological footprint.

Backed by science and clinical studies

The growth of Heaven Labs has been driven, among other things, by the open publication of chemical analyzes and the in-depth testing of ingredients in certified laboratories. The composition of Mana is based on over 40 clinical studies by EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) and WHO (World Health Organization), as well as two proprietary clinical studies carried out in collaboration with Charles University and the Kralovske Vinohrady Hospital in Prague The Glycemic Index of Mana is only 29, which makes it suitable for diabetics.


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