Biomega’s new biorefinery has targeted the food sector with fish oil offerings


The Hirtshals location, 371 km northwest of Copenhagen, not only supports the growth of the PURE salmon peptide business, but is also intended to increase the production of its Salmigo range for the pet food segment.

“Hirtshals, Denmark, is an important gateway for salmon to Europe. The local volume is growing significantly compared to the previous year, ”says Stig Petersen, CEO of Biomega. “We work with important local suppliers of high quality fresh salmon parts. .

Biomega has received tremendous support from the local authorities, Hjørring Municipality and Hirtshals Port Authority for the development of the project.

“We are pleased to announce this strategic move, which includes a double-digit million euro investment in a brand new facility to support our growth plans for premium human and pet food applications.”

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Biomega are biorefinery specialists who use an enzymatic hydrolysis process to produce salmon oils, hydrolyzed salmon proteins, and premium salmon meal that are used in sports nutrition and nutraceuticals. The company currently holds four patents for this continuous biorefining process.

The company recently underwent a leadership change and named Stig Victor Petersen as its new Chief Executive Officer last August. He replaced outgoing CEO Sten Estrup, who will become Chairman of the Board of Directors of Biomega.

The company’s flagship biorefinery on the island of Sotra near Bergen was also the subject of a recent upgrade to increase production of its premium salmon-derived food ingredients.

“Biomega has seen significant growth over the past few years and we’ve expanded our team significantly as a result,” adds Petersen.

“The opportunities for our salmon peptides and oils are great, and in addition to our sales in the premium pet food segment, we can now focus on human nutrition. .

“We work with a number of clients to commercialize health and nutrition concepts that are supported by consumer market trends and we appreciate the opportunity Hirtshals presents to grow our business.”

Now that the company has firmly established its presence in the premium pet food sector, it is looking to transfer the health benefits of salmon peptides and omega-3 fatty acids, including weight management, promoting healthy cholesterol levels, and improving bone and joint strength.

The premium salmon oil product contains up to 15% omega-3 and omega-6 and is suitable for inclusion in personal care products and functional food supplements. The oil also contains astaxanthin, a natural antioxidant.

Biomega recently made available a WhitepaperDiscussion of how bioactive salmon peptides could help control weight and minimize the risk factors associated with human obesity.

Financing the expansion.

AMERRA Capital Management, which Biomega acquired in 2017, has invested additional capital in addition to the original founders of Biomega to run this project.

“This is a transformation step for Biomega and an important part of our original investment thesis,” added Manuel Ferreira Gomes of AMERRA.

“We are further encouraged by the management team’s participation in this investment round and by the Mirova-managed Althelia Sustainable Ocean Fund.”

Simon Dent of Mirova, a sustainable investment firm, added, “We are excited to invest in Biomega to grow the business and provide circular economy solutions for raw material management in seafood supply chains and convert that raw material into high quality food products through biorefining. “


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