Warframe: How to Get Fish Oil (and What It Is For)


Fish oil is required to make a wide variety of things in Warframe. Here’s a look at where you can get it.

The Plains Of Eidolon update in Warframe brought a number of new items that can be crafted in-game. Many of these items contain fish oil as a required crafting material. Unfortunately, fish oil is not an item that can be bought on its own or found in bulk.

Players must catch and purify fish to extract the fish oil needed to make it. There are various fishing areas in the plains of Eidolon. This guide will tell you where and how to fish to collect fish oil as efficiently as possible.

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Prepare the fish

Hai-Luk Warframe

Players must be in the Ostron faction before they can purchase the items required to fish. A quick way to get enough Reputation is to complete the Plains of Eidolon bounties. After completing some bounties, Tenno must find the fisherman in the market called Fisher Hai-Luk. The vendor will be hanging huge fish all over the shop so it will be hard to miss.

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Players must purchase a fishing spear and bait before traveling to any of the lakes in the plains. The higher standing spears and bait increase the chances of getting rarer and larger fish. These items require a lot of standing so for most people the 2,000 standing spear does the trick. Obviously, players who have the reputation should go for the higher tier options in order to get bigger fish that provide more fish oil.

Where to fish

Fish pond Warframe

There are too many lakes and ponds in the open plains of Eidolon to count. Basically every body of water in the plains has the opportunity to spawn a fish. Some species of fish even spawn in a puddle. In general, it is a good idea to fish in areas with multiple bodies of water so that people can cycle through multiple spawning areas on a regular basis. The most populous ponds are not too shallow or too deep, but somewhere in between. Once players have found a good spot and equipped their spear, it’s time to go fishing.

Fishing basics

Fishing in the Warframe

A first tip that may help some players is reducing the field of view when fishing. The zoom helps people spot fish swimming in the water. This is especially true at night as the moon reflects light from the surface of the water. Next, players want to place the bait and keep an eye out for fish nearby. Since fish meat is an ingredient in the lower bait, players must first catch a few fish with just a spear. Once a fish has migrated close enough, players must aim and throw the spear to catch the fish. Those looking for larger fish will usually find more success in larger lakes and ponds. Likewise, many in the community believe that more fish spawn at night.

Type and size

The amount of fish oil harvested from each catch depends on the type of fish and whether it is small, medium, or large. The weight of the fish is irrelevant for fish farming. Every large fish provides at least 3 fish oils. The most efficient catches are Mortus Lungfish, Karkina, and Mukray, all of which produce up to 8 fish oils. The little mukray provides a total of seven fish oils. The Mukray are in the bay southwest of the Hillside Ruin. As long as the character has a mukray bait and spear, the fish can be caught there. Placing the bait near a hotspot is key when trying to catch Mukray.

Extract the fish oil

Warframe Mukray

After people have fished the plains for the day (or night), they should have at least a few fish to harvest. Players should return to the dealer who will cut the bait for them. In the menu, players should select the fish they caught and choose the option to cut bait. Fisher Hai-Luk will fillet the catch that will produce fish oil and other materials. There is also the option of providing all of the fish, which rewards players with standing points. Hai-Luk will have a daily allocation of over 10,000, making this a viable way to improve standing relatively quickly.

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If you spend about half an hour, you will get an average of 150 fish oils. An hour or two of fishing is enough to collect the fish oil needed for the archwing, a system that Tenno struggles with. Another bonus item Tenno can use is fillet fish meat. The meat can be combined with other materials to make the baits that make fishing a lot easier. Anyone with a spear, bait, and the methods outlined in this guide can easily collect all of the fish oil they need in Warframe.

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